Our customers say…
“My old system was slow and I had many guest complaints.  I called Sboca and had a new system installed. Sboca Internet is much faster and I am very happy that I changed. I would recommend them.”
– Harry Patel, Super 8, Texas

Why choose Sboca?

The Sboca Internet system is a proven HSIA solution and our team of industry professionals are the best in the business!

  • 1. Sboca HSIA = Very Fast

Sboca is the fastest internet system for hotels available. You will be pleasantly surprised at how quicky the web moves on our network.

  • 2. Exceeds Brand Standards

Our system is 100% brand-compliant and meets all franchisee standards. When you choose Sboca, you choose the best.

  • 3. Hundreds of Customers
We have installed our system in over 600 hotel locations and our customer retention and renewal rate is over 96%.
  • 4. Quick Installation

If you need a system installed soon, Sboca is your best bet. We can have a new system ready at your hotel ASAP.

  • 5. Local Technicians

Our nationwide network of local technicians will become familiar with your property and will quickly address any concerns.

  • 6. Great Guest Experience
The Sboca system is easy to use, simple to understand and is no burden on you or your front desk staff.
  • 7. Our Partners are the Best

Our network and communication partners provide enterprise-level solutions that are cost effective and can grow with you.


Our customers say…
“I had been paying a lot of money for a long time to another company. Sboca is much less expensive and it seems to work better. I no longer worry about the Internet service at my property.”
– Jerry Handler, Days Inn, California

How much does Sboca HSIA service cost?

Sboca's system is the least expensive way to provide HSIA for hotels - GUARANTEED!


  • Show me Sboca’s HSIA pricing!

Sboca is constantly monitoring the marketplace to ensure that when you choose Sboca you are making a good decision.

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Our customers say…
“I have been a Sboca customer for a very long time – almost 10 years! Whenever there is a problem, the Sboca technicians work to quickly get it fixed. I’m happy with the service and recommend them often.”
– Wanda Miller, Comfort Inn, Florida

Have Questions?

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Our customers say…
“I was reluctant to change vendors because you never know if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of change-over and think the Sboca install techs did a great job!”
– Jay Patel, Holiday Inn Express, Virginia